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So, what’s all the fuss about? How can CBD help me?

CBD Oil gives you all the benefits of the Cannabis plant without any psychoactive ingredient (THC) as this has been removed (so if you are looking to get high, you won’t find it here).

It has been scientifically proven that CBD oil and products can help ease a wide range of ailments from aches and pains to actually shrinking cancer and tumour cells!  Scientists are continuously testing its use in the medical field and are constantly finding out more and more benefits of how it can improve your quality of life!  Here are just a handful of conditions it could help alleviate:

inhibits cancer cell growth, neuro-protective, antibacterial, promotes bone growth, reduces seizures & convulsions, reduces blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation, reduces risk of blocked arteries, reduces stomach cramps, reduces vomiting & nausea, treats psoriasis, relieves pain, relieves anxiety, relieves tension, supports immune system, slows bacterial growth, suppresses muscle spasms, encourages relaxation!

What makes your brand differ from a High Street cheaper brand?
The brand/s I provide are 100% CERTIFIED Organic and VEGAN.  This means they have been through rigorous testing throughout the whole process from growing the hemp all the way to your bottle making it Pharma Grade.

Cheaper brands may claim to be “organic and natural”, however this only means that their product is at least 20% organic and has not been through the whole testing processes that mine has.  Personally, my belief is you get what you pay for.  If you are happy taking a cheaper brand that is your choice but just bear in mind what else you may be putting into your body such as toxins, pesticides, herbicides, metals, GMOs etc.

How do I take it and what dose do I need?
How do I take it?
Drop the oil under your tongue using the dropper. Try and wait 60 seconds before swallowing it. This allows the fastest transition of the oil into your bloodstream via your mucous membrane.
You will get used to the taste but if you truly cannot bare it then take a small amount of water to flush it down. Just know that by drinking water before 60 seconds you are in fact diluting the oil and may take longer to take effect. It will take much longer to be absorbed by your stomach, rather than taking it directly under your tongue. There are approximately 300 drops in one bottle!

What dose do I need?
• Start with a low dose (2-6 drops) two or three times a day until you know how the CBD Oil affects you.
• Be patient! It can take up to 2 hours to take full effect. Wait 3-4 hours in between doses.
• Hemp Oil should not be mixed together with alcohol or other drugs/medication
(please see more information about this below regarding compatibility with certain prescribed medicines).
If unsure please chat to your doctor. CBD oil can cause drowsiness for a while, especially when taken in large doses, so do not drive or operate machinery if affected.

Taking small amounts of oil in increments (titration) is a proven method to increase dosage until the desired effect has been achieved. In this way, every individual can find and optimize the correct amount of Hemp Oil for their own needs.

IMPORTANT:  Scientists have recently discovered in 2019, that there is a 5mg to 10mg window in which CBD is at its most beneficial.  Please listen to your body and its reaction to the dosage you are taking.  You may not be taking enough, or you may be taking too much – in both these cases it could mean that the CBD is not working to its full potential and you may not feel as though it is working for you.

Can I take medication with it?
Firstly always check with your doctor if you are regularly taking any prescribed medicines. It is recommended that you leave at least 2 hours between using CBD and your normal medications and 4 hours if your medications include anticoagulants, beta blockers and anything that interacts with grapefruit. Consuming high levels of Cannabidiol together with your regular medicines may affect the P450 enzyme. As a result, both products may not be properly processed in your body (by the liver).
On the whole, Cannabidiol is a very safe, natural product.

Will CBD products make me high, stoned, giggly or give me the munchies?
No, it won’t but it can make you sleepy if you take too much.   The stuff that makes you high is called THC and is illegal in the UK.  The CBD products I sell do not contain any or very low traces of THC (under 0.05%), therefore, making it safe and legal to use, as necessary.  However, if you are subjected to routine drug tests at work, traces may show up as a False Positive if you take a very high dose of oil or paste just before a test (for example 5 drops of 15% in one go = 25mg).  Therefore I recommend taking the oil at least half an hour before you need to drive or work so the product has time to work through your endocannabinoid systems.

How much should I take?
This is personal to you and your condition.  Some people only require 1-2 drops a day, others may require much more. Build the drops up slowly each day until you feel as though your body is happy on that dosage.  Some people feel immediate relief, however, with some people it can take a few days – it really depends on you as an individual.

Can I overdose on CBD Oil?
Obviously, too much of anything is not conducive to healthy living and we do advise a maximum guideline of 160mg a day (most people only need 3mg – 20mg a day) but, no, it is not possible to overdose.  If you take too much it will just send you to sleep or make you very drowsy.  If this happens please do not drive or operate any machinery.  It should filter through your system within a few hours.

Can I drink alcohol and take CBD too?
Most prescription medications and over the counter medicines require that alcohol should not be consumed whilst taking them.  The reason being is that when alcohol mixes with certain chemicals or medications it can actually alter your brain chemistry.

So far, however, there hasn’t been any concrete proof to suggest that mixing CBD products and alcohol is harmful.  The main drawback of doing this is that it could take you longer to feel drunk. Some researchers claim that CBD oil can actually lower your blood alcohol content, which is great news if you have over consumed or have alcohol poisoning.  Please understand that this does NOT mean that you can still drink and drive as your judgement will still be impaired!

Can I take this whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?
Although it is a great product to ease nauseousness and stress, it is not advisable to ingest any CBD products whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.  THC can be harmful to brain development and all CBD products may contain traces of THC. Not enough research is yet available to determine the full effects of an unborn child or a child breastfeeding with CBD and, therefore, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before taking any CBD products internally.

How do I order?
Easy!  Just click on the product you like and you have a choice to add it to your basket or read more.  If there is no “add to basket” that means that product is temporarily out of stock.
Once you have your chosen items in your shopping basket just follow the instructions during checkout and you will see are a couple of ways to pay and 2 ways to receive your order:

The three ways to pay are:
By bank transfer
In person at my shop where I can accept cash or card payments
Payment over the phone

(I can also take card payments over the phone if you wish. Please text/call/leave a message on 07840 651 838 Tues to Sat and I will call you back as soon as I am out of treatments to take your order and payment over the phone)

The two ways to receive your order are:
By 1st Class Signed For Delivery (£5 P&P)
Collect in person at my shop (free)

To collect in person, you can pay by Bank Transfer then collect your order from my shop.
Or, you can simply order what you would like online, then choose the “Collect from Shop” for shipping and select “Collect and Pay in shop Sandy Cristel” payment option and your order will be bagged and ready for you to pay with cash or your credit/debit card at the time you come to collect it.
For collection you MUST bring in your order confirmation displaying your order number. This can be printed out or you can show me the order confirmation on your phone email.

Why haven’t I received any confirmation emails or response after placing an order?
Firstly, please check your junk/spam box.  Another reason is your email address may have been incorrectly entered into the system during checkout or registering.  If you do not receive any emails from Just Hemp UK within 10 minutes (usually within seconds), and you have double checked your spam and junk mail, then please contact us immediately by email to informing us of your full name and what you ordered.

What is the difference between Raw and Decarboxylated
Decarboxylation is a heating process that is applied to the CBD extract after the SuperCritical Co2 extraction.
This is opposite to Raw CBD Oil, in this process the extract is cold pressed to preserve all naturally occurring Cannabinoid acids like CBDa.

Tell me more about the Certified process
Phyto+ CBD products are completely 100% Organic. All ingredients are 100% natural and organic from start to finish of making the products.

The GMP certified laboratory analyzes our CBD products. This is called a CoA “Certificate of Analysis”. The products are thoroughly tested at all levels to ensure that a consistent high quality CBD product is produced. Certificates for each batch can be provided upon request. More information is available on Our Promise page.

Are you an expert or scientist?
No I am far from an expert or a scientist. However, I have completed a course and exam in “Understanding the Endocannabinoid System” in August 2017, and passed at 92.5%.  This really doesn’t make me an expert, it just makes me someone who is truly passionate about their product and want to share the wonderful benefits of how it could help you too!

I am just your regular Level 3 Massage and Holistic Therapist who has tried and tested many various CBD brands over the years as I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos and Kidney Stones.

I found that Phyto+ and the Endoca Range to be the absolute best quality and most effective there is on the market. Plus they are certified organic too, making it a far higher quality than many high street shops.  It is for my own peace of mind that I am not putting any toxins or poisons into my body and I am sure you feel the same way.